Concrete Promises (The Spilt Ink Poetry Collection)

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Greetings, poets and poetry lovers. We hope that your pens are moving fluidly. We want to announce that our first project, Part One in the Spilt Ink Poetry Collection (a five-part series of poetry chapbooks) is available in eBook form on ($1.99).

Charles Banks, Jr., our founder, and poet, penned the romantic piece of work.

“After a tumultuous 2012, marked by a cancer battle that still wages on currently, and a nasty bout of Writer’s Block, Poet Charles Banks, Jr. has returned to deliver the first installment in the Spilt Ink Poetry Collection. Concrete Promises is a romantic chapbook of Poetry, written as CURIOSITY, that speaks to every reader’s desire to be wanted by a significant other. With poems that paint silhouettes of simplicity, Curiosity urges the reader to take his waiting hand and “make love through the treacherous waves of life.” Concrete Promises teaches us all that a little faith definitely goes a long way with regards to life… And love!”

If you’re interested in printed copies, please contact us here, or email us at or the author’s email.

Concrete Promises (Cover)6x8.5



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