Heather Parker featured on WE ALL BLEED THE SAME!

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Hello, Poets and Poetry Lovers! Happy New Year! We are glad to announce that WE ALL BLEED THE SAME, our poetry blog over on Tumblr is officially back with new poet features. Head on over and check out “We Were Almost There Love” by Heather Parker.



Here’s a little about Heather Parker:


Heather Parker AKA Funky Sunshine

Heather Parker AKA Funky Sunshine

Heather Parker, also known as Funky Sunshine, is born and raised in the Los Angeles area. Sunshine describes the light of my soul, Funky because I’m not your average sunshine.

I have been writing since high school. I took up writing again in 2009. I have been writing consistently since then. In 2011, my mentor, songwriter/poet/author Tony Haynes encouraged me to do my thing with my poetry. In 2012 I took on the art of Spoken Word in addition to writing poetry. I do not have a theatre background unlike many Spoken Word artists, however, it feels right. Occasionally, I freelance as a writer. I have interviewed two upcoming hip hop and RnB stars. Those interviews are featured in FELLA Magazine.


2013 National Poetry Awards – Best Haiku (1 of 5) winners


You can follow her on twitter & instagram @only1heatherp


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