Burdens (Written by Charles Banks, Jr.) Writing as Black Angel

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Cover Art © 2014 by Fernando Gallegos

Cover Art © 2014 by Fernando Gallegos


Tomorrow marks Charles Banks, Jr’s (our founder) birthday! To celebrate this occasion, he has self-published his third chapbook of poetry “Burdens.” Free PDF copies are available through direct e-mail with Spilt Ink Poetry. Send an inquiry to spiltinkpoetry@hotmail and you’ll receive the eBook version. For printed (signed) copies, head on over to eBay.com http://www.ebay.com/itm/Burdens-Writing-as-Black-Angel-/121255777643?pt=US_Fiction_Books&hash=item1c3b68556b or send direct payments via PayPal. Payment via PayPal, send to spiltinkpoetry@hotmail.com!


Here’s the synopsis for Burdens:

Synopsis by Denise R. Weuve (Poet)

“It takes courage to be a poet, and even more courage to write from the dark places most people attempt to hide.  Black Angel (pen name for Charles Banks, Jr.) flourishes in these places.  He plows the earth to see what is beneath the soil, and finds the beauty in the lost seeds that were never watered, those trapped beneath oppressive roots blocking their growth, and all the “mislead beauty” that no one seems to care about.  In this chapbook collection, Burdens, you will find a man not afraid to show vulnerability and the harsh truths that surround his life.  In “The Fireplace” he starts the poem with, A reflection of scolding hot truths and each of these poems seem like Black Angel’s deepest truths.  “Inheritance” is such an example.  Here we have a persona so thoroughly incased in the truth of the life he has been trust into, that he sees no hope, and no empathy outside his own body.  When you reach “Finale” you will have been taken on a journey that questioned society, afterlife, diseases, love, and most importantly the self.  You will have no more answers than Black Angel does, but you will have visited a world that only he could have taken you to, and that in return will make you look more deeply into your own.”
Happy Birthday, Charles!!!

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