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Spilt Ink Poetry needs YOUR HELP! Publishing takes finances. We’re in the early stages of creating a poetry anthology featuring the writers of WE ALL BLEED THE SAME! Read more about our mission! Please help us reach our goal of $2,500 by March 24, 2014!!!


“Welcome to Spilt Ink Poetry, where poets have the opportunity to express themselves any way they see fit, where photographers capture the true essence of the human experience, where the truest objectivists of the world expose hidden truths and harsh realities. Where race, ethnicity, and gender are hindrances, Spilt Ink Poetry strives to be a podium where the creatively oppressed can finally unleash themselves.” Spilt Ink Poetry is a relatively new publishing house that specializes in helping poets publish their work with comprehensive advice about where to submit, how to submit, and information about publishing news. Also, we have a poetry blog called “WE ALL BLEED THE SAME” where poets are featured for poetry lovers to indulge! The WE ALL BLEED THE SAME Project is designated to raise funding to create a printed anthology for those poems that are featured on “WE ALL BLEED THE SAME.” We at Spilt Ink Poetry aspire to further advocate diversity in the arts and empower the voiceless! Please help in this crusade!



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