Orlando Murcia featured on WE ALL BLEED THE SAME!

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Happy Thursday, poets and poetry lovers! We’ve got yet another poetry feature on WE ALL BLEED THE SAME! Head on over and check out Orlando Murcia’s poem “Below the Shadows of Yearning.”



Here’s a little about Orlando Murcia:

Orlando Murcia is an Author, writer and Poet from Los Angeles, Ca. His main focus is to write about Love and Beauty. Though his words may at times be sensual and mesmeric through romantic lines such as ” Your eyes carry the moon, your hair is the lake during midnight watching itself through the reflection of the stars. Your smile bring Saturn to his knees, proposes to you with all his rings, so you may be his universe that all the galaxies may see “… This was just a sample of his poem ~ From Promised Wings ~ From his book The Beauty Of All Around. He is known more for his Romantic flow more than anything, but packs even a heavier blow with his “Truth” about his life and past as a youth. He was Born in Santa Ana El Salvador during the time where the Guerrilla warfare was still going on. He quotes ” I don’t want people just to only know my Poetry, but to know who this poet is and know what he is about “. With a heart like this, it is impossible to not want to take a peek inside his world and get inside his head.


Orlando Murcia


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