Elique Chavez featured on WE ALL BLEED THE SAME!

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Hello, poets and poetry lovers! Happy Tuesday! Today we have a new poetry feature over on WE ALL BLEED THE SAME! Head on over and read “Unforeseen” by Elique Chavez.



Here’s a little about Elique Chavez:

“As a young child, I always had a big imagination. I wrote about adult subjects at a tender young age because I was exposed to many of life’s ups and downs early. I found myself mostly around adults, exposed to things a child shouldn’t hear let alone see. This served as a catalyst for the writer I have become today. I started to write when I won my first essay contest while in the 4th grade. My teacher Mrs. Ready, whom I will forever be grateful to, asked me to write an essay about “What I want to be when I grow up”? I placed 3rd, winning 3 dollars! I was so excited! I not only loved the way people were so proud of me, but also because I was told how articulate my thoughts were constructed on paper. But most of all, I loved the way my words came to life on paper. This has become my motto! (My words come to Life on Paper) Since then, I have been writing for friends who need poems for birthdays, wedding, and unfortunately, funerals. The topics of my writing ranges from, abuse, hurt, deception, love and hope. I have had two books published by Bitten Press, titled “Who Holds My Heart”, which is a story of lost love and new hope. And “Potpourri Poetry”, a compilation of poetry ranging from lost lives to love in many colors. Word of mouth has given me the notoriety of a Writer/Poet who writes what others won’t say or even think about. I am driven to expose the true human emotions that connect us all. So we can experience and listen to what our inner soul has to say. I am passionate about the gift poured into me while I was in a womb of silence for nine months. I want to bring back the lost art of poetry! Exposing truths on paper can be the medicine for the broken-hearted, the way home for the lost, and the meal for the hungry in this thing called life.”


Elique Chavez


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