Our 2nd Newsletter is Available Now!

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Good morning, Poets and Poetry Lovers! Yesterday, our 2nd newsletter officially went public. If you received a copy, we hope you enjoy our goodies! If you did not receive a copy, please e-mail us at spiltinkpoetry@hotmail.com and we will quickly send a copy your way!

Here’s what’s included in our 2nd newsletter:


Issue #2

There are six main sections of Issue #2:

  1. Page Two: WE ALL BLEED THE SAME! is back with new poetry features.
  2. Page Three: Spilt Ink’s New Signee. Cameron Jimenez is introduced as our newest signee. Cameron is working on a chapbook of poetry titled “Song Cry” which is scheduled for release in the near future.
  3. Page Four: Spilt Ink Poetry’s Free Chapbook Series. October, November, and December 2014 will provide an opportunity for three poets to release free poetry chapbooks through Spilt Ink Poetry. We welcome Brandon Antonio Smith, and Jocelyn Him.
  4. Page Five: Lucid Moose Lit. An up and coming Press that functions to advocate social justice through the arts.
  5. Page Six: Artist Ave. Spilt Ink Poetry’s new blog that is dedicated to in-depth interviews with illustrators, photographers, poets, and many other artists.
  6. Page Seven-Ten: Poet’s Sense: Police Brutality. Two poets, Heather Parker and Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia were invited to write a poem (32-lines or less) about a given topic. Our selected topic was “Police Brutality.”

Spilt Ink Poetry would like to thank everyone responsible for the creation of our 2nd newsletter.  To Nancy Lynée Woo and Sarah Thursday, thank you for allowing us to promote your wonderful new Press. We are rooting for the success of Lucid Moose Lit! To Jocelyn Him, the Dead Beat Poet, Brandon Antonio Smith, and Cameron Jiménez, we sincerely thank each of you for entrusting us with your poetry. May success come to each of your projects! To Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia and Heather Parker, thanks for offering your poems for Poet’s Sense. We are confident that our readership will enjoy and respect your unique perspectives on police brutality. To Jasmine Aequitas, thank you for agreeing to be the first interviewee on our newest blog “Artist Ave.” And to the 619 Facebook followers, 256 Tumblr followers, 392 Twitter followers, and 68 WordPress followers, and the many other supporters, we cannot thank you enough! Spilt Ink Poetry hopes to continue advocating diversity through the arts and creating a platform for poets throughout the world.

Respectfully, Spilt Ink Poetry

Spilt Ink Poetry


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