Spilt Ink Poetry’s Free Chapbook Series

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 2014 by The Dead Beat Poet All rights reserved Published by Spilt Ink Poetry

 2014 by The Dead Beat Poet
All rights reserved
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry









Good morning, Poets and Poetry Lovers! Today marks the official release of our first project in the Free Chapbook Series. We are thrilled to send each of you an eBook copy of our first chapbook, “Offensive Language: One to Twelve” by the Deadbeat Poet! We hope that you enjoy reading his unique perspective on life, as written through twelve haiku(s).

If you want a copy of the free eBook, please e-mail us at spiltinkpoetry@hotmail.com now!


Here’s a little about the Dead Beat Poet:

“The dead beat poet is a figment of your imagination. He does not exist, except in the nether regions of a world you’d prefer to believe does not exist. His days are filled agonizing angst infused with terror and his slumber filled with the nightmares that his tomorrow will bring. The world is one in which he is not allowed to participate. He is always alone, even in a crowded room. When people see him, they look right through like he doesn’t even exist. His life is a suicide mission destined to fail in every way. When he imagines society when it’s without him, these words are all that are left and the only evidence that he ever existed.”



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