Spilt Ink Poetry’s Free Chapbook Series: Book #2

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© 2014 by Jocelyn Him Published by Spilt Ink Poetry All Rights Reserved.

© 2014 by Jocelyn Him
Published by Spilt Ink Poetry
All Rights Reserved.

Spilt Ink Poetry is excited about the second book in our ‘Free Chapbook Series’ which is scheduled for release next Monday, November 17, 2014. We are thrilled about the opportunity to have worked with Jocelyn Him on her very first project, a small chapbook of poems titled “Girl, Unveiled.” If you are on our official e-mail list, you will receive a free eBook copy. If not, please inquire to us as spiltinkpoetry@hotmail.com!

Here is a little about Jocelyn Him:

“Jocelyn Him was born in Libreville, Gabon (Africa). She moved to the United States at 2 years old, but a decision by her parents to begin a business moved her back to Africa where she spent time in many different countries with friends and relatives. after a brief stay in Long Beach, California at age 7, Jocelyn moved to Cambodia, where she attended English schools to continue her acclimation to the English language. After obtaining American citizenship in the 5th grade, she has permanently been in the U.S. Jocelyn’s poetry was featured in A Rose in the Name of Love, a collection of poetry with fellow poet Charles Banks, Jr. Jocelyn’s poetry has always highlighted the search of inner self through the innocent poetic voice of a lost young girl. These days Jocelyn spends her time raising her young son, Nathan and searching for her inner self.”

Jocelyn Him

Jocelyn Him


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