About (Spilt Ink Poetry)

Spilt Ink Poetry

Spilt Ink Poetry is a brand of that celebrates the written art form of Poetry. Edgy, honest, and often offensive, Spilt Ink Poetry is turned on by writing that tugs on the comfort, hugs, and offends readers. Established by poet Charles Banks, Jr., Spilt Ink strives to help writers publish their work. We offer help for poets searching to publish chapbooks and full-length collections of poems. We accept submissions to our Online blog “We All Bleed The Same.” We accept material that displays originality and evoke thoughts. Just send 2-3 unpublished poems, a 50-100 word bio, and an author’s picture to our email address spiltinkpoetry@hotmail.com. You can send them as a DOC or RTF file, or paste them in the email submission. We look forward to reading some great work!

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“Welcome to Spilt Ink Poetry where poets take midnight swims in honest waters, photographers capture the naked reality of human experiences, where true objectivists expose hidden truths and harsh reality.  Where race, ethnicity, and gender are mere hindrances, Spilt Ink Poetry strives to be a podium where the creatively oppressed can finally unleash themselves.”

– Spilt Ink Poetry


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