Founder (Charles Banks, Jr.)

© 2012 Photo taken by Derrick Denton
© 2012 Photo taken by Derrick Denton
Charles Banks, Jr (1/17/1989 – 4/16/2015) was a published poet, aspiring novelist, self-publisher, blogger,and  freelance editor of poetry. Writing poetry since age twelve, he wrote under two pseudonyms, Black Angel and Curiosity. Charles has edited and self-published three collections of poetry. Book one, A Rose in the Name of Love (featuring Jocelyn Him) was published in print and eBook at Books two and three, Angel’s Passion (writing as Black Angel) and The Flower that Wasn’t Meant to Blossom (writing as Curiosity) was published in print by PublishAmerica, LLLP. His first self-published chapbook of poems, End of the Road (writing as Curiosity) was released in print and as an eBook in February of 2012 by Charles was working on a five-part collection of poetry chapbooks titled The Spilt Ink Poetry Collection, inspired by the creation of Spilt Ink Poetry; which is a small, slowly developing poetry Press. Spilt Ink Poetry Collection Part One: Concrete Promises was released by in 2013. Spilt Ink Poetry Collection Part Two: Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic was his last book and was released in 2014 by The staff at Spilt Ink Poetry will release the remaining chapbooks of  his five part series, posthumously.  
 Charles has also been published online and in print. A Mother’s Abandon (writing as Curiosity) was featured online at In Stereo Press: The Audio Zine. Aftermath (writing as Black Angel) was published in Aquillrelle’s poetry Anthology, Poets Amongst Us. Constant (writing as Curiosity) was published by the International Library of Poetry in the Collected Whispers Anthology. Shattered Glass Bottle (writing as Black Angel) was published in Don’t Forget the ChapStick, the inaugural issue by the California-based poetry press, Bank-Heavy Press. At My Expense (writing as Black Angel) was selected for the self-published chapbook, Irony; which was created by the students of Jeff Epley’s Creative Writing class, Fall 2010 at Long Beach City College.  Beauty of Butterflies (writing as Curiosity) and Shadow in the Midnight (writing as Black Angel) was published online at Cadence Collective: Long Beach Poets. And Her Voice, the Gentle Spring Rain (writing as Curiosity), Petite (writing as Curiosity), and Timid Lips (writing as Curiosity), were published in The Art of Being Human Volume 7 SAGITTARIUS 2 – Love Poems: An Anthology of International Poetry by Brian Wrixon Books.
 On April 16, 2015, Charles passed away at the age of 26 after a 2 year battle with cancer. 
If you’re interested in reading Charles’ poetry, visit his poetry blog “The Art of Curiosity and Black Angel.”
Follow his Facebook Fan Page “Black Angel and Curiosity” 

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